You Manage Your Party Rentals In Phoenix

  • You don’t put the dub-dub-dub Facebook slash only what comes after the slash okay and it’s the same for YouTube for your channel Facebook after the slash only that’s what you put in and then your links will start showing up here okay back to VAN style so right now.

phoenix tent rental

We have it set to navigation with social media which again would be showing if we have the information populated in blue blue means that this text phoenix tent rental here is blue now you can see we’ve got a lot of different drop downs here we can go van with social media in black and white so when I do that.

Ty’s the exact same layout as the last one but you’ll notice this change to black and our social media icons Facebook Twitter YouTube those would be black instead of blue the little logos centered logo navigation this is you got it gonna Center our logo and it’s gonna move.

These “Trends” About Party Rentals In Phoenix

This information here and again our social media information would stay over here to the right van only no logo so if we do that it removes our logo entirely and it really cleans up this top area to just the menu and if we save that and we hop over here you’ll notice that.

We have logo and blue and again we would have phoenix tent rental social media over here if i refresh since I saved NAB only compact that’s it okay so if you want your site really really clean and maybe you have your logo here in a banner and you don’t need it up here and you want to shorten up.

This in this area that’s all you need to do okay so phoenix tent rental let’s hop back over here again and you can see that we’ve got other stuff here and there are three of these that are important okay and that’s centered logo van with cover blue black and white now these are the same as all.

The rest of them if I make a change here you’ll see that it rearranges stuff okay however there’s one big difference here and that is with these three these centered guys.